Galveston sleeps under the frigid moonlight of a Texas March. Close to 40 degrees this morning. Nothing in Cork or Boston. It is dark and cold this early morning. Around the shipyard, various vermin were scampering around. Some chased by stray cats. Others chased by species of rodents much more feral than a ship rat.

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Lyrics by Tom Mathew

Things Are Finally Going Our Way

How I sense this day
Things are going our way

Matters seem out of hand
Issues we cannot understand

The bad we see today
No one good ever stays

To see the bad times turn around
They jump on shore as soon
as they see ground

What is it we are trying to say
All our senses are wasting away

How I sense this day
Things are finally going our way

High on life today
Liquor doesn’t make me sway

Dreams are all we have
To keep us going round and round
Until our feet touch the ground

How I sense this day
Things are at last going our way

About Tom Mathew

Tom Mathew is the author of The Magic Rug, the most popular Christmas book on planet Earth.


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